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Dominique Parlatt trading as Warriors Thermovibe since 2015 

Warriors Alfreton

The Genesis Centre

King Street



DE55 7DQ

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#WARRIORS is an all inclusive fitness and confidence group with a difference - we dont care what size your body is we just want to help you feel great and enjoy your amazing body by moving shouting and enjoying amazing music with over 700 like minded people!

Here at #WARRIORS its confidence before performance it does not matter who is the fastest and who is the slowest all that matters is who joins in "join the revolution" and be who you want to be!! 

created by Dominique Parlatt who after years of having no confidence to join a gym designed a safe place with Low lit rooms and massive atmospheres - clean clubbing!! some say its like a festival every night!! - lasers - sound systems and lights spinning around the room like a magical circus - join the wonderland that is all about you escape reality and take the WORK out of  your workout 

all our classes are designed to fit all levels we dont do beginners and intermediate everyone is equal and our classes prove that - work at your own level and only compete with your self!!

We also offer relaxation sessions lie back as our indoor magical marquee transforms into magical swirling worlds above you as you are lead through a mindful relaxation session promoting well being and relaxation!

THE ROAR - if you have not seen the warriors by now in one of our DEMOS you have probably heard them - we encourage you to use your voice to promote self confidence in an empowering rip roaring session where we combine voice and movement to invoke your inner WARRIOR! we also work in schools if you haven't met us yet your little ones probably have contact us today and open the door to the journey back to YOU 

Dominique. x

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Genesis Centre Alfreton 

King Street



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